How You Are Offering It In An Affordable Price Range?

We are offering affordable prices compare to others as our photographers allow us to make the process much more faster than others, thus the prices reduces. Thus per client overhead cost is comparatively less.

Do You Offer Models With The Shoot?

We do not offer full body models but hand, foot and body of a model can be placed, extra charges will be needed.

Do You Shoot Clothing on People/ Mannequins?

Yes we shoot on both people or mannequins for clothing.

Do You Offer Props or Lifestyle photos?

If you can contact us then we can have a detail conversation on what type of life style shoot or props are required for the entire shooting.

When Do I Pay for My Photos?

You will pay advance for the entire photo shoot and the remaining amount on delivery of all the pictures. If you fail to clear the amount, your pictures will be held for auction and the copyrights will remain with us.

How Much Do you Charge for shooting?

We charge by photo not by product. We simply offer you a quotation after discussing about the entire volume of products and then decide on to the final charge.

How Many Photos Do You Shoot?

We can shoot one or many. The number will entirely depend on the client. Of course, when the volume is more the amount per photo will definitely reduce a lot.

Do you offer Amazon ready photos?

Yes, we offer a perfect Amazon or ecommerce ready picture. You can use it one every webstore and showcase it perfectly.

How Do I Get My Pictures?

When you will pay us the advance, we will start the entire process. You will get the pictures via mail and on approval you will get the changes with files so that you can reuse it anytime. In addition, after clearance of the remaining amount you can get the copyright from our end via mail.

If I Want Changes?

We ask our customers to equip us with any special instruction required to make the end result perfect to meet the expectation in one go. Minor revisions are free but when you require any advanced change, extra minimal charge is always required. For better customer experience, we try to deliver few in first go that we can understand the expectation later the remaining.