Web Ready JPG Images:

We work with ecommerce, woocommerce and other web platforms where zoom image is required every time. Therefore, to maintain a perfect image quality we offer you a web ready platform for you. All the images are meant to have a perfect web ready feature of its own.

Natural Shadow Or Reflection:

We keep a reflection or a natural shadow at the bottom of every product which offers a mirror effect. This feature is free of charge. Natural shadow is being recommended for many items. You can have options for no shadow. In the order form you can make your personal selection and see each image accordingly.

High Resolution Images In PSD AND JPG:

All the products are being shoot with high quality professional equipments. Before being cropped, all the photos have a resolution of 36.3 mp (7360 x 4912 pixels). For printing, without any additional cost we offer 300 dpi High-resolution images. Unlike other, we never overcharge for high-resolution pictures. These files will be perfect for any print mediums.

Pure White Background:

A pure white background will add no extra charge rather it will be blended perfectly with the background (RGB 255,255,255) in print or web. We offer a high standard photography for all ecommerce companies with Pure White backgrounds. Unlike many studios, we are offering the best pure white background without any charge for all purposes.

Clipping Path/Masking:

At no additional cost, we offer image masking and a free clipping path. A clipping path is a perfectly hand drawn path around your product. You can create a transparent image or change the entire background color just keeping the product. A 100% pure white background (RGB 255,255,255) is being achieved by it. We also offer shadow, background and a psd of tiff file with your product in separate layers without any extra charges. This will make it easier for the designer to replace the background or turn the shadows on and off.

Online Proofing & File Delivery:

After the product photography shoots:

  • 1. We will main your invoice along with your proof to review.
  • 2. You will pay your invoice online after approving your proofs.
  • 3. The files will be a Full Size JPG image can be used anywhere. This will be having clipping path with layers for future modification. Please let us know if you need any other formats.

Worldwide Royalty Free Unlimited Use License:

We will entirely handover all the credential of your photo so that you can use it anywhere for a life time. You can simply use and reuse it according to your purpose. In fact you can charge others if they are using your pictures without your consent.

Basic Retouching:

Though using a perfect light set up and custom preparations, some flaws like adjust a reflection, marks, dust need a basic retouching. In most cases, basic retouching is required which absolutely free of charge. For advanced retouching or extensive retouching work, we add an additional charge for custom retouching, fix packaging flaws, and straighten crooked labels or more. If you think that additional retouching will benefit your showcase then you can contact us for an estimate.